GMLF President Suzanne Rothwell

Session II of GMLC 2017, in Kansas City in June, focusing on non-profits, race relations, and poverty, was an inspiring and very successful session for Greater Missouri Leadership.  Six singular sessions were scored at 4.8 or higher in the Challenger reviews and the comments were positive.  The team planning was led by Board of Directors member Roz (formerly Ward) Cochran ‘13.  Roz chose to attend her honeymoon rather than the session though, so team member Dona Stephenson ‘05 filled in as the leader-on-site for the week, assisted by team member Amber Bourek ’15 and several other team members.  Overall rating for the week was 4.83 out of a possible 5.0.  Challenger final day comments were positive and energizing.

Challenger Recruiting:

We’re in the process of sending a new letter of invitation for 2018 to each of the previously-nominated leaders who had shown interest by responding and requesting to be considered for next year.  If you nominated someone last year who had to delay, please encourage them to APPLY NOW!

Please go ahead and send additional nominees, anytime!   (Remember, that even if a leader feels she cannot participate in 2018, she will be flattered that you think highly enough of her to nominate her.)  You can email information to Executive Director Jan Grossmann, or use our link created for that purpose:

We encourage you to think about women leaders you know who are from the southern part of our state…Cape Girardeau, Springfield, Joplin, Rolla…think about friends and colleagues you know from those areas and help us recruit them for 2018.

Dues Notice:

2017 Alumnae Dues are due NOW!

The website is set up to collect dues from an alumna when she logs into the alumnae-only section.  If you, as a Challenger alumna, haven’t paid your dues yet for the year, a pop-up message lets you know that they are due.  Dues are set to go through December 31, unless you are a lifetime member, so when you try to log onto the area after January 1, 2018, you will get the message again at that time.


We look forward to continuing to grow our organization and to fulfill our mission to educate and inspire women leaders to make a difference!  Let us hear from you!