The annual GMLF Board of Directors retreat provided an opportunity to review the Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation’s Strategic Plan and update objectives and tactical plans. Incoming board members were invited to join serving members for the two days of discussion, planning, laughter, and progress review.  The strategic plan’s priorities include Strengthen Branding & Communication; Promote Alumnae Engagement; Diversify Funding; Solidify Foundation Leadership; Target Accomplished Diverse Challengers; and Elevate Program Experience. 

In addition, as this was Executive Director Jan Grossmann‘s final report to the Board of Directors, she included more detail about our growth over the past seven years during her tenure. Because of her leadership working with the board’s direction GMLC has flourished to bring together an outstanding group of women leaders, who are engaged in learning from each other and challenging each other, as well.

Each GMLC class bonds and looks forward to being together each session. Their satisfaction that the program is meeting and exceeding their expectations is demonstrated as many Challengers nominate friends, co-workers, and business associates to participate in future GMLC classes.  Many are also inspired to go back into their communities and organizations to serve as leaders.

Because of the dedication of Jan and the entire Board of Directors, GMLF is in great shape. The organization is well-led. Transitions are an opportunity to celebrate the tremendous work of the last 30 years; foster dialogue about the mission, vision, and values of the organization; and encourage a well-thought-out succession plan for the next generation of leadership.