In partnership with MU Extension, United WE has launched Show-Me R.E.D.I., a new initiative to help Missouri women take a seat at the civic table. The 10-week course – offered at no charge – will help women prepare for an appointment to a board or commission, or run for elected office.

Course Overview:  For each module, there will be self-directed online classwork. Example: View a video or read an article on the weekly subject, participate in class discussion board. Following this effort, there will be a weekly lunch and learn with guest speakers and more content review. 

Learning Outcomes: Increased preparedness for Missouri women to take on leadership positions – in appointed and elected offices.  An expanded network of other female leaders and mentors.     


  • Show Me Research
  • Show Me Civics
  • Show Me Voices
  • Show Me Representation
  • Show Me Service
  • Show Me Ready

Ready to Run:

  • Getting Started
  • Building Your Campaign Plan
  • Important Dates and Data
  • Parties and Other Resources

Instructor(s):  Amber Childers, Jennifer Williams, Stephanie Schindler, Julie Riddle, Elizabeth Anderson. For more information: Amber Childers

We need you. Greater Missouri alumnae are prepared to take the reigns and we encourage you to participate! Register today! The program begins February 6, 2023.