Happy New Year and may 2022 bestow upon us the relationships, tools and resources to thrive in spite of the challenges we continue to face in our post-pandemic society. May we give ourselves the grace, self-care and connections necessary to remain and PREPARE other women leaders for amazing, decision-making and culture creating endeavors!

With over 1,000 alumnae, the women of Greater Missouri Leadership influences nearly every sector and industry within the state of Missouri (and every other part of the world); from the C-Suite to emerging positions, small business, corporations, public & private sectors, nonprofit and all levels of government.    

My service on the Board has provided me the distinct pleasure to work alongside a very powerful cadre of women who must be recognized for their commitment, time and tremendous talent these past few years.  We also acknowledge our new officers, alongside our Executive Director, Katie Steele Danner who enthusiastically pledge their support and expertise to Greater Missouri Leadership. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you to our Board of Directors and Alumnae Council Advisors! A special welcome to our newest member Addie Yoder. We thank outgoing board member Tia Drake for her leadership service to Greater Missouri. We applaud Dona Stephenson for agreeing to be the board liaison with the Alumnae Council. And we share heartfelt appreciation for Carolyn Chrisman’s steadfast leadership that has steadied our ship through these tumultuous times. All of these alumnae’s commitment warms our hearts, and makes our quality programming, innovative connections, and vibrant support of women possible.  

In closing, I’d like to share a few goals and intentions for 2022 and I’m interested in hearing some of yours. I believe together we can:   

  • Bring other women along. Greater Missouri Leadership’s origins were established in Texas by Governor Ann Richards who helped enrich and train midcareer, professional women for state leadership positions, boards and commissions.   As we “give back”, ask what would Ann Richards do?
  • Continue to partner with and empower underrepresented communities without access or equitable environments; if we’re not already doing this reflect on ways to get involved and make a difference.
  • Extend our engagement with each other; existing and new members.

We encourage you to be an active alumna to gain the benefit of your participation in this unique leadership experience and get the most out of the networking and career enhancements. We have opened our Calendar of Events to the public in hopes that you will attend our virtual and in-person events throughout the year. This Calendar is usually only accessed for dues paying members and will be limited to those steadfast Challenge graduates and friends from February 1st on. So be sure that your membership dues are up to date!

With your ongoing support, I look forward to great success in our new year!