The Insane Juggling Act of Trying To Buy and Sell a House During a Pandemic

Buying and selling a home simultaneously is a stressful juggling act at any point, but even trickier to pull off during the coronavirus pandemic. Throw in 4 rambunctious children and chaos ensues.

Earlier this month my husband and I found out just how arduous this process could get when we decided to jump at a chance to move into our dream home. Our goal was to offer each child their own “space” since we are all spending so much time together. We hoped to find willing buyers for our property and coordinate the purchase around the same time.

We were aware that the economy and the novel coronavirus could throw a wrench in these plans – and we learned a ton in the process. Having strangers come through your residence is stressful in any situation, but thinking about health and safety measures not only for them but for our family was almost overwhelming.

But, I am happy to report, we are moved, getting settled, and everyone has room to breathe again. Just breathe…

Our timing was phenomenal: a few days after our offer was accepted on our dream home in town, a contract came through on our home in the country.  And we closed a month later.  I never dreamed the amount of stuff that can be accumulated over eight years and four children—and I lost count of the boxes needed to pack things in.  The actual moving commenced over a two- day period where we boxed, packed, and moved from one place to the other, cleaned the old house, and closed on both places within two hours of each other.  A whirlwind experience!

Our work schedules have continued during the last 5 months with myself continuing to work with industries and businesses large and small, and my husband in hospital administration.  We are grateful for the retired grandmas who live in our community that took turns babysitting the four littles during the pandemic and keeping themselves isolated to just our family.  The bonding time they are able to experience with the kiddos will be fond memories forever.

Besides sharing the news of our relocation, I want to encourage you to take your personal leap even in these turbulent times. Direct your passion and perseverance to reach those long-term goals. Reach out to your fellow GMLC classmates for some advice, some tips, or even just a sounding board. Today’s digital communication makes this easy and accessible. What is sometimes overlooked is the superpower you can attain by making connections and engaging with each other.

And wine/pizza/bourbon – (you name it) helps.