The challenges of 2020 have brought about an undeniable cultural shift and changed the world permanently – filled with newsworthy events that reshaped society in lasting ways, it affected the way we travel, interact, think and live. While the year has been full of life-changing events, it also became a time of introspection. We found joy connecting without being connected; personally as well as professionally.

This pandemic has disproportionately affected women – including many of you – and we need to start off this new year with a renewed sense of self. Because if you don’t take care of yourself, there is no way you can take care of others.

So here is my New Year’s wish for you. Let’s reconnect to find joy in togetherness, in what moves you, building upon your passions.

To begin, welcome our new Board of Directors members while saying thanks to our outgoing leaders who provided dedication and willingness to ensure that our legacy endures. These prominent women from the public, private, and volunteer sectors have been lending their talents to support our unique leadership program for many years. We gratefully acknowledge Kim Becking (Class of 1998), Tammy Leslie (Class of 2011), and Tonya Noble (Class of 2010) who have completed their two three-year terms. Replacing them we welcome Carolynne Huether (Class of 2015), Mindy Mazur (Class of 2015), and Dana Strueby (Class of 2018). Through interaction with other business and professional leaders, these Board members provide solutions to help us face the tough challenges of today.

Next, join us in renewing your participation in this life-changing experience. We ask you to recommit to the investment in personal development for yourself and for others. Join one of our regional planning teams, take part in discussions among our committees, keep your contact information current, pay your membership dues, and/or help us to find underwriting and sponsorship support for our Class of 2021 who will be joined for some sessions with many from the Class of 2020. Your support reflects well on the values and character of your professional organization as well as dispatching goodwill across the state. Your ongoing support and engagement offer lasting rewards for both employee and employer.  If you would like to step into a leadership role for any of these activities, call or send a note to Katie at and she will let you know of various opportunities to do so.

Be watching as we share details of our alumnae reunion and Woman of the Year events scheduled for July 20th and/or July 21st emanating from Springfield. The planning team is creating an in-person celebration while also providing incentives to join us virtually if you are not allowed to travel.

Another option is to step up to host an alumnae gathering at your business or in your own community where you can reconnect with area alumnae while also meeting recent graduates and members of the Class of 2021. Keep tabs on our events calendar and let us know your best dates to begin planning.

Continue following us on our social media sites and reading this newsletter as we provide additional opportunities for enhanced growth and connection throughout the New Year.

We look forward to seeing more of you as we RECONNECT in 2021!