It’s complicated, this relationship between Independence Day and the freedom, rights and self-evident truths of women, people of color and other culture and religion, LGBTQ+.  The narrative of Independence Day looks very different than reality. 

I am not my normal cheery self! I am burdened with the weight of walking a fine line of diplomacy and truth (not just my truth but the consideration of all women) in addressing the reversal of Roe V. Wade and the not yet realized impact of removing our rights to privacy and informed decisions.  What right do we have to articulate the inner workings of families and immediate implications of women who no longer possess authority to conclude the best interests for her circumstances including basic contraception and health care?  I struggle in refraining thought around the applicability of reversal to other landmark decisions such as the 19th Amendment, the Civil Rights Acts of 1964, 1968 and restored in 1987, Title IX and/or the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

I know it’s heavy! I believe that women’s rights are human rights. I worry about an ongoing  assault on human rights, human potential, and the dignity of personhood. I know others have conflicting views. As women leaders we have to recognize the next level strategy and policy imperative in addressing the outcomes of critical legal and moral responsibility and what that looks like in the nation, in our states, cities, counties and our workplaces.  In the spirit of real democracy and womanhood, we have to understand the power of alliance and not turn on each other.  This is not the time for that!  We cannot take the “it doesn’t affect me” approach because it very well could.  It is time women collectively re-address, determine and constitute equity and equality for our rights and empowerment.

The work to change the face of democracy and create momentum is hard. Throughout our history, the Greater Missouri team has steadily increased our cadence into a strong headwind as we inspire emerging women leaders. Let’s keep going.