There’s been a definite change in the air in the last few weeks. The nights are drawing in and our summer clothes have gone back into hiding in our closets. But, while the changing season and dropping temperatures are not looked fondly upon by many people, this autumn provides great opportunities to work on projects to help women in their communities achieve their full potential.


Autumn is one of the times of year where we see a dramatic change in the fashions being sold. Shorts and dresses are being replaced with heavy jumpers and winter coats. But, while it’s too chilly for summer clothes, we’re not quite in thick jumper territory yet. Need a jacket or vest as the season transitions? How about one of these options?

By purchasing from one of our GMLC alumna you are not only supporting Carmen Crystal as you shop local – you are ALSO supporting our organization because we receive a portion of your purchase. Shop away for gifts for yourself or others thanks to D Sport Graphics in Columbia! If you don’t find what you are looking for just ask her team for other options.


Whether you’re talking with your friends and family, or engaging with an advocacy organization, the most important way to be an advocate is to speak up. By raising your voice for the issues most important to you, you can spread awareness and break down barriers.


Running in a local election as many of our alumnae have done or supporting candidates who understand women’s unique needs in your community is a critical way to support women’s rights. There are MANY opportunities to support the candidates and causes of your choice.  Show up!


Greater Missouri has positively impacted my life, my career and other aspirational spaces involving service and celebration. My daughter has witnessed my involvement in GMLC/GMLF for the past decade which is why I invited her to join us during our recent Women of the Year event this summer.  It was very empowering to share our enthusiasm with Jasmine and in doing so, we continue to ensure a better future for her and other “younger” women; encouraging them to pass it on too.  My grandmothers, mothers and aunts call it passing the baton! 


Missouri has adopted some changes that you will experience at the polls. Registered voters will need a valid, government issued photo ID to vote, but will also have two weeks before the election to cast ballots in person without an excuse for why they are voting early. Voters without photo ID on Election Day will be allowed to cast a provisional ballot that would only be counted if they returned with the correct ID or their signature matched the one on file. The new law requires the state to provide a free photo identification card to those lacking one to vote. Be sure that you and others are aware of these changes and plan accordingly. You have the time to take any necessary steps to ensure all registered voters are allowed to vote on the November 8th, 2022 Election Day and that vote is counted.  

                Absentee Voting Has Already Begun: It started on September 27, 2022

                Last Day to Register to Vote in November Election: Wednesday, October 12, 2022

                Election Day: Tuesday, November 8, 2022