Happy New Year 2023!

As your President of the Board of Directors for Greater Missouri I firmly embrace the BoardSource note that form follows function, or at least it should when it comes to boards. Without a strong structure, boards can fall prey to a whole host of dysfunctions, not the least of which is ineffective time, boring or unfocused meetings, and lack of strategic engagement from the board.

Structure – of the board as a whole and of individual committee members – is an important part of sustaining an efficient and successful board. Our Board and Alumnae Council aims to work in a way that inspires our ability to provide the kind of values-driven, strategic leadership and oversight that GMLF needs and that our alumnae expect.

With this in mind, we are convening IN PERSON as a full board and alumnae council in St. Louis to start off our new year. I am so excited to join my alumnae sisters who each bring their own Greater Missouri Leadership Challenge experiences and their professional skills together as we smart women think together better and feed off each other’s energy.

We will start the retreat pondering these three things as it relates to Greater Missouri: I wish. I wonder. I worry.  

What are your thoughts? Send us any notes as we plan for the future. Be creative in your opinions and if you are so inclined, help us turn it into action.

Better yet, if you are in the region, we would love for you to come and join us as we conclude our first day. We are hosting a hospitality hour and ask you to come along. You can register and let us know you are coming here.

Either way – share your vision, your thoughts, and your ongoing support for Greater Missouri as we kick off this wonderful new year!