Am I my sister’s keeper? Yes, I am! In keeping my sisters, I am entrusted to understand and tell your story. As a keeper of the sisterhood, I am charged with honoring and supporting you. It brings me immense joy to lighten your load when life gets too heavy and to speak when you cannot find the words or the strength to express yourself. Am I my sister’s keeper? I most certainly am. I am intentional in being my most authentic self because I want you to feel safe being your most authentic self. I will share truths with you that are my responsible truth, and you know I invite the same energy from you. I promise to share the lessons and rewards from our journeys without telling your most confidential information (my Big Momma would say “without telling all your business”). As a sister of Greater Missouri, I am especially fond of how your lives and stories break down boundaries and build stronger foundations. We celebrate YOU!

As we celebrate Women’s Month, let us look back on the countless ways Greater Missouri tells of the accomplishments and progress created by you, our Alumnae, our Sisterhood. Let us celebrate the ways you make history and the intricate ways your thoughts and ideas become action. The daily flow of incredible and impactful stories, promotions, and transitions from state to state (or continents) is managed by our Executive Director, Katie Steele Danner, the team of Lents Mazur & Associates, and you. We try to do this through every form of social media we can manage and what an amazing product we have because of these collaborative efforts to tell the story of Greater Missouri Leadership! Brava!

Every year, I anticipate the energy that comes from Greater Missouri as we leave no stone unturned to highlight the accomplishments of over 1,000+ powerful women doing significant work through our Women of the Year Luncheons, our Alumni Reunions and our Experiential Sessions. We celebrate and tell the stories of our coordinators, planners, and unsung sheroes who go to great lengths to sponsor and organize these events. What better way to build and be keepers of this professional sisterhood of premier women than by celebrating your commitment, advocacy, and unwavering action to set standards in improving each other’s lives and our surrounding communities through your “time, talents and treasures” (thank you Gina Gervino for making this phrase a part of our conversations).

This Women’s Month, please continue to send us your stories as we continue to build the legacy of Greater Missouri and strengthen our network. Your support and contributions also enrich the infrastructure and experiences we provide. Not only for ourselves but the communities we serve and the leaders who join us in educating and inspiring women leaders to make a difference!