Can you believe it’s June already? Half of 2023 is behind us and half is ahead of us! With six months before us, we can still accomplish our “new year” goals. Let’s get to it.

I’ve gathered my to-do list and you know what? A few things need to be reprioritized, especially projects and goals where the outcomes can be nothing less than successful.  In thinking about all that needs to be done I’ve realized I may not have more time, but I can maximize the hours and days by making me a “we”. 

All successful projects require talented, hardworking people to make things happen.  Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation’s goals and projects are no different. Our vast network of volunteers, sponsors and allies greatly influences how far and fast we get to our destination.

We continue to tell the Greater Missouri story and our incremental successes because, with all of our awesome support, we still need YOU!  With over 35 years of fortifying our Foundation and currently hosting our 34th Challenge Class; and collectively driving change by thought, word, and deed, we are experts in creating what’s next. 

GMLF’s “next” is centered on a whole new level of far-out thinking! We invite you to weigh in on session planning and implementation; join us to reconnect and share your opinion during our alumnae reunion; support our signature fundraising event at the Women of the Year Luncheon and help us celebrate our 2023 honorees; provide ideas for fundraising, nominate prospective Challenge Class participants, and join our regional planning structure. I’m going to add join one of our board committees to the list, too.  These are the themes and initiatives that continue to rise to the top.  Your Board wants to give you so much more and with over 1,000 women who’ve been there and done that, we require your commitment, flexibility, and vision as we move future forward.

You are valued Alumnae!  As you manage your goals, can you make Greater Missouri Leadership one of your priorities?  Will you sign up and volunteer?  We need you!

Now is as good a time as any. Tell us what role you want to play.

In the meantime, I will meet you in St. Louis!