Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation - Rosalind Cochran

Rosalind Cochran

As we near the end of 2023 I am in a reflective mood!  It has been an honor to serve the Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation Board of Directors for the past seven years; two of those years as your president.  I couldn’t wait to give back to an organization that gave so much to me during my challenge year and continues to fill my cup each and every time I engage with our board, alumnae, Challengers, our session speakers and our sponsors.  Being a part of Greater Missouri Leadership Challenge is unique, transformative and very special.  I know each of you can recall fond memories of forming new friendships, traveling throughout the state and learning about so many facets of Missouri.

As my time leading the board comes to an end, a few of my fellow directors will be leaving the board. I want to give sincere and heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Carolyn Chrisman, Sarah Dubbert, Darline Mabins, and Shawn Ricks. Your dedication and support to the Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation and our premiere women’s professional development program has been invaluable. I treasure our experiences serving alongside each other.

In June and again in November, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with the amazing Class of 2023 during their sessions. Let me tell you, hats off to this dynamic group of women! They are leaders in every sense of the word, and they know how to have fun. I wanted to share with you some of the words the Challengers used at graduation to describe their year-long experience: “stronger, inspired, impactful, connected, unstoppable, lifted up, valued, no limits, grateful, brave, camaraderie, educational & fun”. My guess is many of you can relate to these challenge year descriptions.

When I look back at my challenge year 2013, I am proud of the relationships and opportunities we created, at that time I didn’t even realize how our lives would be touched.  After a decade, all the feelings and words used by the Class of 2023 resonate with me because we do share in their words, those common threads as professional women seeking our best selves. I know for a fact Greater Missouri Leadership provides an authentic, open and diverse space for the continuous development of our Alumnae.  I hope you will consider connecting with Greater MO as we move into 2024. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Here are a few ways to stay connected with GMLF:
Follow events on the website.
Nominate a GMLF Woman of the Year.
Attend the Women of the Year luncheon – our marquee event.
Volunteer on a committee.
Connect at the annual Alumnae Reunion.
Nominate a Challenger.
Volunteer to help with a session in your area.
Support GMLF by paying annual dues.
Encourage others to donate and sponsor our organization.

We have many ways for you to stay connected and give back to GMLF. I hope you will join me in making a difference for future Challengers.

As GMLF continues to deliver on our mission “to educate and inspire women leaders to make a difference,” we ask you to make an end of year donation. By participating in our annual giving program, you actively contribute to the ongoing success and expansion of THE premier women’s statewide leadership program – the Greater Missouri Leadership Challenge.

Many wishes for a safe, special and spirited holiday season!