The response to Covid-19 has brought change to our lives – but not all change is bad. Life is full of opportunities to learn – from one another and from events and situations.

Despite isolating from one another (in my case with a newborn, two boisterous toddlers, an impatient six-year-old, and a husband who also has a full-time job), I find myself deeply connected to people, especially our Greater Missouri women. Since this pandemic began disrupting life as we know it, the Greater Missouri team has been thinking about how to do things differently to keep ourselves and our communities safe and also support our current class, our dues paying members and our alumnae network that exceeds 1,000 engaged women supporting one another and leading in their communities.

Our board made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel Session 2 for the Class of 2020 that was to be held in Kansas City in June. For many of us, we are used to having a life that is about pivoting, flexing and innovating to overcome the obstacles or speed bumps that get in the way. It was true after 9/11 when we canceled one of the Sessions for that year’s cohort, and it was necessary to survive this pandemic.

But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t finding new ways to inform, enlighten, and inspire.

Did you know that one in three jobs that are held by women have been designated as essential? Knowing that, one could say women are keeping the world running right now. If you follow the news you can see that the case for gender parity in leadership is stronger than ever. We are still working to meet women’s needs in multiple sectors for our unique leadership development. Be watching our website and keep up to date with our social media channels and newsletters as we bring these opportunities to not only the Greater Missouri Challenge Class of 2020 but to all of our alumnae and sponsors.

Because there’s lots of good that can come from all of this. We are doing it. We are making it through. People are coming together; community is coming together.

And we have all learned something through this; we are more resilient and capable of change than we realize. We’ve got this!