As we begin to think about how life will change on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic we could see the death of one of the business world’s most relied upon norms — the handshake.

The Covid-19 pandemic has upended social norms, especially greetings. In France, the government has warned against cheek kissing. In New Zealand, a Maori tribe has banned the traditional hongi greeting, in which people press their noses together and inhale each other’s breath. Throughout the West—and in business settings all over the world—the handshake has been the primary casualty.

But what about the future of in-person events?

All of us at Greater Missouri believe the attraction for in-person events remains strong. Our board has taken the advice of the experts and want to comply with social distancing measures to keep all of our members safe until we all learn more about the proven vectors of this disease transmission. It is for that reason that we have unanimously voted to cancel our annual fundraising Woman of the Year luncheon scheduled for July in Springfield.

But we are not jettisoning the spirit of recognition of incredible women leaders entirely. We are making plans to extend the conversation with quality content in a virtual event. A subcommittee of our board is working with many ideas. If you are interested in joining in the planning, let Katie know by emailing her at by June 10th.

We are confident that by working together our “Greater Minds” will deliver an enriched virtual experience with powerful results for connection and recognition. Be watching our social media platforms as these plans unfold. In the meantime, best wishes to our Challenge Class of 2020 as they participate in a groundbreaking hybrid session being introduced to the many Connections to be made in Kansas City.