The demands and challenges of today’s world of work are unlike any time before. To win today, better leadership is necessary. The work of Greater Missouri continues as we inspire, unleash, and multiply potential.

Our Alumnae Reunion and Women of the Year events displayed the work, commitment, time and talents of our Planning Committees, Regional Coordinators, Board of Directors, and our staff who work diligently to keep meaningful empowerment and connection for our women leaders.

Your Greater Missouri Team is prioritizing:

  • Refining the definition of our value proposition to enable all to speak with one voice as ambassadors for Greater MO.
  • Enacting long-term sustainability with a thorough review of our monetary realignment. Strategizing with these questions in mind – Are we pricing our leadership program to reflect our unique value, the current state of the economy, and the necessity of inclusive leadership development? Are we aligned with other comparable programs reflecting the unique value add that we bring to our emerging women leaders at a time when women’s leadership is needed more than ever?
  • Enhanced stability, support for administration, operations, and external communications, with the ongoing modernization of Greater Missouri.

Your leadership team embraces a consistent mix of historical knowledge and fresh innovation to ensure comprehensive oversight and management of this thriving organization. Thank you for your ongoing support, engagement, and participation in our work. With the wealth of talented women in the state, our Greater Missouri Leadership Challenge provides an enriching professional development experience for both the participants and the state as we work to advance leaders’ effectiveness, build networks, and connect challengers and alumnae with regional and global thought leaders.

We encourage you to stay engaged while growing as a leader.