Educating and inspiring women leaders to make a difference for over 30 years.

Letter from our Executive Director

2019 is turning out to be another exciting year for Greater Missouri Leadership Challenge – our 2019 class kicked off our 30th year of educating and inspiring outstanding women leaders from throughout Missouri…we’re looking forward to learning from each of them as they continue to learn about challenges our state faces, and as they get to know one another.  It all kicked off on Tuesday, March 5 in central Missouri!

Our 2019 Greater Missouri Leadership Challenge class includes 40 women from throughout our state.   The class includes the Chief Information Officer for a multi-state bank holding company, a Dean for Undergraduate Studies at MU, a Senior Change Manager for Missouri corporations, the Education Advisor for the KC Mayor’s Office, a Manager of Technology Services for a major utility company, the director of services for an Agricultural Lender for a Missouri banking company, the Director of Publicity for a Missouri entertainment property,  a Life-Balance Manager for a nationwide mortgage lender to veterans, the Head of Seed Production Strategy for a major international corporation, an HR Director for one of Missouri’s largest employers, leaders from universities in Missouri, a Director of Underwriting for one of Missouri’s largest insurance firms,  executive directors of non-profit organizations, owners of small business and farming operations, and several other significant Missouri women leaders.

Wow! These women leaders are truly remarkable!

We continually seek to improve The Challenge experience based on feedback from current and former participants. Our 2018 sessions were rated exceptionally high by our Challengers, with overall ratings for the year of 4.63 out of 5.0 possible!

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Reaching Out to our Alumnae

This year you’ll see us reaching out often to more actively engage our alumnae, as we seek ways to celebrate our 30th Anniversary Year. Active alumnae serve on our session planning teams, carrying out The Challenge agendas for GMLC and assisting with each week’s activities. Many host the class for receptions and often visit a GMLC session to get acquainted with the current class.  Our Challengers absolutely love meeting GMLC alumnae.

Operationally, the Board of Directors continually reviews our successes and any challenges we face, and helps set the course for the future of Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation. The recruitment process launched by the Board in 2014 has helped us to better identify and reach out to exceptional female leaders from throughout Missouri as future GMLC applicants, and keeps an active pipeline of outstanding applicants.

Goals for 2018-2019

Growth of our Scholarship Fund remains a high priority for our Board of Directors. This fund allows participation in GMLC by leaders of organizations, such as non-profits, that don’t have funds for training. Under leadership by past-presidents Tina Workman and Suzanne Rothwell, we have raised more than $50,000 for this purpose!

Another goal for Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation is to increase the return on investment for organizations that have empowered their women leaders to take The Challenge. We continue our emphasis on LEADERSHIP by utilizing a Strengths-Based Leadership component in GMLC.

Get Involved

Greater Missouri is strong because of the commitment and diversity of our alumnae. Women leaders from large corporations, small businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, government, and many professions come together in unison to learn, grow, and work hard to make this a greater state. We encourage alumnae to stay involved. Please join us!

Kindest Regards,

Jan Grossmann

“Women facilitate both teamwork and innovation, and I think those attributes, along with meaningful diversity, are indeed key factors for success in solving the macro challenges affecting all of us.”
-Yvette Gonzales
Former VP Information Services, Shelter Insurance Companies