Want to do more this election cycle than just vote? Greater Missouri has been asked to partner with the Partners in Democracy program for Boone Coounty.  There are likely other such partnerships in your community. You can contact your local county authority to learn more. Not sure who your local authority is? You can find them out at this link. While they may not have the exact same program as the Partners in Democracy, they can likely use as many volunteers as are willing to pitch in.

For the upcoming August & November elections every county will need 100’s of people to serve as election judges, or poll workers, and we would love for the Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation to partner across the state to make that happen!

Here is how it works for those of you interested in central Missouri. The Boone County Clerk’s office has established Partners in Democracy, a program designed to engage local businesses and organizations in the democratic processes. By working together, they hope to increase civic participation, educate voters, and ensure the success of our elections. This partnership can foster a sense of civic engagement by encouraging you, your friends and/or employees and neighbors to serve as poll workers on Election Day.

There has never been a better time to be engaged in the democratic processes of our nation and working together we will be able to ensure the accuracy and integrity of our elections. Any person interested in serving as an election judge in Boone County can apply at the following link: https://www.showmeboone.com/clerk/pollworkerinformation.asp

Election judges will apply online to be approved. They will then respond to a request for them to work, if they are available for the election, and they can select a training time. The request usually goes out a month prior to the election. The training is a 3 hour long course. Boone County offers many different classes over a three week period prior to the election, so anyone interested in working can select a time that works for them. Generally there is a morning, afternoon, and evening class every day, Monday-Saturday. Election judge applicants must choose a party—this is only for the election authority use and does not affiliate the voter with a specific party beyond their poll assignment. Missouri law states that polls must have balance between the two major parties so poll workers must designate a political party to make poll assignments. Party options are: Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green, Constitution.

Live outside of Boone County and want to learn more? Contact your local election authority, register to be selected, take the training and sign up for your shift on election day August 4, 2020. Training and day of pay is provided at most locations!