Bonnie Leong and Kristy Carter were strangers when they joined the Greater Missouri Leadership Challenge Class of 2022. Bonnie, from St. Louis and employed in the corporate sector at Boeing, and Kristy, from Ozark and working in the non-profit sector for Least of These Food Pantry, discovered that their Challenge year brought about profound change, sparking a lifelong friendship between them. Despite their diverse professional backgrounds, Bonnie and Kristy have maintained a close connection, often traveling to nurture the bond that originated from their shared Challenge experience. Over the past two years, they have made it a tradition to send holiday greetings to their fellow class members, fostering continued connections.

Their story is just one illustration of the meaningful relationships that blossom during the transformative journey of the Greater Missouri Leadership Challenge. Women leaders from various industries, geographies, cultures, and life experiences converge to learn and grow together. As we gear up for the Class of 2024 – our 35th Class – we are thrilled to witness the personal growth, enduring connections, and the flourishing future of Greater Missouri with each successive Challenge cohort. The horizon looks promising for Missouri!