Challengers with JCCC Restorative Justice program participants.

Following the tour of the Jefferson City Correction Center by the Challenge Class of 2022 the group was inspired to gather a donation for the Restorative Justic Program. Three 2022 Challengers – Michele Curry, Kim Martin, Brenda Horstman – made the presentation on behalf of the cohort in early December.  Warden Doris Falkenrath attended the event. Thanks to the generosity of the Class, 150 yards of fabric was delivered to the restorative justice program.  Michele, Kim and Brenda were able to present the donation directly to the program participants. The Challengers shared that the restorative justice participants were extremely grateful and one of the inmates commented that he had just been looking for yellow fabric to complete a project he was working on. 

Thank you to the Class of 2022 for your leadership and dedication to Missouri!