Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight, GMLC Class of 2010, and the DeBruce Foundation were featured in the December 11, 2019 issue of USA Today!  Dr. Taylor Knight, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of the DeBruce Foundation, was featured in an editorial discussing how identifying strengths and interests can set kids up for success.

The DeBruce Foundation’s theory is that when one knows their “agilities” — or how strengths and interests connect to work activities — they begin to develop the “Agility Advantage.” This means they are “prepared to see opportunity, overcome challenges and navigate the ever-changing workplace”.

As the first step toward developing the “Agility Advantage”, the DeBruce Foundation created the “Agile Work Profiler”, an online career assessment that is free to the public and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. This tool helps individuals discover their “agilities”.

Dr. Taylor Knight previously served on the GMLF Board of Directors and currently is a member of our Board of Advisors.  Leigh Anne  has also facilitated the Strengths Based Leadership Training for our GMLC classes the last several years and has committed to do the same for the Class of 2020.  We remain grateful for her contributions!

To read more of the USA Today article:  https://www.educationandcareernews.com/future-of-higher-education/how-identifying-strengths-and-interests-can-set-kids-up-for-success/#