Loreli Wilson, GMLC Class of 2015 (and a new member of the Board of Directors for GMLF), and Erik Morse, Manager of Human Resources recently accepted “The Progress in Corporate Citizenship Award” on behalf of Veterans United.  The award was given by the Columbia Missourian.  Loreli is the Director of Diversity and Inclusion Programs for Veterans United (VU).  Loreli stated that “Corporate Citizenship is important to VU because as an organization, I think it’s more than just … giving back to the community. It also extends to the support we provide for our employees.”

Veterans United offers many diverse opportunities for staff to volunteer or contribute financially to several community, regional, or national causes such as the Veterans United Foundation or the Flourish Initiative which provides wrap around services to youth and families at risk.

Congratulations to Loreli and the employees of Veterans United!  http://veteransunited.com