Dr. Karen Lacey Hall (GMLC Class of 2022) is the team leader for the Ray & Associates Search Firm for the next superintendent of Saint Louis Public Schools. She considers it an honor to partner with a Board of Education committed to having community input throughout the search process.

For more information on this national search, please visit this site to find regular updates as a central repository for all public information relative to the search. This information will make it easier for the public to stay engaged in the process.

SLPS is the fourth largest district in the state, serving approximately 19,000 students in 41 elementary schools, eight middle schools, 12 high schools and five alternative programs. In addition to finding someone with the skills and credentials for this top spot, the Board identified a set of strengths specific to SLPS, landing on words like inclusion, justice, safety, and equality. Best wishes to the selection committee as they work to fill this important community position!