The upcoming International Women’s Day Luncheon to be held at the White River Conference Center in Springfield on Tuesday, March 8, 2022 provides a good opportunity.

Greater Missouri alumnae and prospects used to be very strategic to attend these types of community events and brand their attendance as a “Greater Missouri” table. Typically a group of area alumna would individually buy tickets and ask to be seated at the same table. This type of networking can pay dividends as attendees are inspired to continue to provide leadership to make a difference in communities across Missouri will also enhancing alumnae connections. You also reinforce to area sponsors and underwriters the legacy and depth of Greater Missouri.

Other times there are sponsored tables by various community businesses and organizations and of course the table would be branded as such. But sometimes even in that situation there is an empty seat. Invite another GMLC alumna to join you! Invite a prospective GMLC emerging leader and take advantage of the inspiration of the event to further introduce the Greater Missouri experience. This initiative will help us to grow on our legacy to improve the lives of women leaders in your community.

And if you feel so inclined – wear your Challenge Class nametag! If you can’t find yours, you can order another one from our store.