Fatima Delic (GMLC Class of 2021) resettled to the United States 20 years ago this month following the #BosnianGenocide. She has shared that many people chipped in to help her family when they first arrived and she remains so thankful for the welcoming spirit and support.

Fatima is honored to serve on the Board of the Congress of Bosniaks of North America. The Congress of Bosniaks of North America (CBNA) is an independent and non-partisan national organization of North American Bosniaks. The CBNA articulates and represents Bosniak interests and promotes positive aspects of Bosniak cultural, historical, ethnic, and religious heritage, Bosniak ethics, and Bosniak values ​​in the United States and Canada. The Board of Directors of the CBNA conducts the affairs of the organization. The Board is led by President Amir Ovčina. We are proud of Fatima’s role in this leadership organization.

If you are moved to support the thousands of refugees being resettled today and support others to become successful American citizens as Fatima has, you can do so here.