Joni Wickham, GMLC 2018 and a current GMLF Board member, has authored her first book entitled The Thin Line Between Cupcake and Bitch.  Joni shares her experience navigating gender biases while working in politics, business and government. She also offers guidance to women of all backgrounds and professions to widen the thin line between “cupcake” and “bitch” and achieve results in the process.

The Thin Line Between Cupcake and Bitch reaches out to empower women and insightful men to recognize and overcome gender biases. It’s for the recent graduate from college or the school of experience. It is a book for anyone who is working toward leadership or is already there. The book offers practical advice and steps to take action, drive the change that is desired and obtain results.

Joni was previously the Chief of Staff for the former Mayor of Kansas City, Sly James.  She is currently the Co-Founder of Wickham James Strategies and Solutions. Wickham James is a diverse team with decades of experience in delivering results through public relations, political strategy, government relations, crafting public policy and mediations.

Joni’s book is available to pre-order on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.  To congratulate Joni her email is: