Congratulations to Kate Sweeten who recently completed the Greater Missouri Challenge in the Class of 2022. She has been promoted to Strategic Communications Director at Clarkson Construction Company!

Kate came to Greater Missouri in a round about way. When we had to pivot to online virtual sessions for the Class of 2020 we were looking for someone to share the story of BUILD KCI – the $1.5 billion dollar Kansas City International Airport New Terminal Project. Kate was that person. She was a presenter to that Class and explained all of the details on the project, the timeline, etc. She did it again for the combined classes of 2020 and 2021 and her enthusiasm for the project was contagious.

She was recruited to join the Greater Missouri Leadership Challenge and she jumped right in. Not only has she been a valuable member of the cohort, she has also arranged and provided tours for many of the construction project and continues to look for ways to be an ambassador for Greater Missouri while sharing behind the scenes details on this iconic project. We are thrilled that she will continue to grow her career in Kansas City and hope that her journey with GMLC showed Clarkson what a valuable leader she is.

You can stay in touch with Kate at