The Inside Eco Devo Podcast Episode 13 episode, featured Kellie Ann Coats, Executive Director of the Missouri Women’s Council. Kellie Ann discusses the work of the council during the pandemic and their current work with incarcerated women through the Aspire MO program.

Kellie Ann is a Graduate of the GMLC Class of 2018. The Missouri Women’s Council, an agency within the Department of Economic Development, was established in 1985 by the State’s 83rd General Assembly to identify and address issues affecting the economic and employment status of women in Missouri. Originally from Blytheville, Arkansas, Kellie Ann has a Bachelor’s Degree in animal science from MU. She spent six years working on research efforts at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospitals in Memphis and came back to MU to work as a professional fundraiser for the MU Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopment Disorders and MU Health Care, including Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Ellis Fischel Cancer Center.

Enjoy the podcast!