When the opportunity to join Vibrant Health in a new position as the Vice President of Advancement came along, Kim Gasper of Kansas City (Class of 2022) knew this position was for her. The mission of Vibrant Health is to provide access to respectful, empowering, culturally sensitive and appropriate high-quality health care for the community, regardless of socio-economic obstacles. This work is parallel to the mission of Harvesters Community Food Network where Kim has most recently been their Director of Fund Development. As a fundraising and marketing professional with 20 years of direct and related experience in not-for-profit, fundraising, client management, and project management, this new leadership experience spoke to her.

But whoa the timing!

Coming off of the lock-downs and other challenges of COVID-related issues, her exceptional experience actively participating in the GMLC Class of 2022, assisting behind the scenes with fund development strategies for GMLF, serving on the Session II regional planning team leading logistics for the visit of the GMLC Class of 2023 to Kansas City along with active activities with her family members that takes her to not only out-of-town but out-of-state events many nights and weekends, what to do? She did what every leader does. She asked for a lifeline and other GMLC alumnae stepped up to assist!

Her last day at Harvesters was 5/19. Her new job start date – 5/30. The Class of 2023 comes to Kansas City June 14-16, culminating in the Harvesters tour and lunch challenge on the final day. Our loyal alumnae servant leaders at Harvesters stepped up to fill Kim’s void as they have in the past and are up-to-speed with all arrangements for an immersive insight into the work of this important community asset. We are grateful for the team of our alumnae professionals in implementing and administering Harvester’s programs and sharing their mission with our cohort when possible. Special thanks to Paula Pratt, Director of Community Engagement; Joanna Sebelien, Chief Resource Officer; Robin Potts, Chief Financial Officer; Noreen Zahner, Director of Quality Assurance; and Jessica Kejr, Director of Programs and Food. The Class will also learn more about Monic Houpe, Chief Operating Officer who joined Harvesters in 2021 – a future Class Challenger! We continue to celebrate Valerie Nicholson-Watson in her retirement who we recognized as a 2022 Alumna Leader of the Year.

In the meantime Kim has committed to continuing her steadfast support of Greater Missouri. We wish her the best of luck in her transition as she uses her vast skills supporting the mission of Vibrant Health. To continue to connect with Kim, you can reach her at kimcgasper@gmail.com.