Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight was a guest columnist in the Kansas City Business Journal on April 4, 2020.  Leigh Anne is currently a member of the Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation Advisory Board and a graduate of the Class of 2010.  The title of her article was “Take time to prepare for challenges, changes to come”.  The article profiles free resources to help in these uncertain times to build self awareness and career skills.

In the article Leigh Anne reviews the following three resources, which are free on the DeBruce Foundation website:

1) The Agile Work Profiler: This online career assessment takes only 10 minutes to complete. The Agile Work Profiler helps individuals harness the power of self-awareness and achieve deeper insights into their strengths and interests.

2) Draw Your Future with Agilities: This online tutorial video can help you prepare for what’s ahead. It walks you through how to discover your Agilities, and then how to use them as you literally draw your future … which can help you start to expand your pathways. The process takes about an hour. Now is a great time to invest in yourself, take time to process and dream.

3) The DeBruce Foundation Resources webpage: We’ve created a one-stop shop of our free resources for individuals and educators. In light of current challenges to our world, it is more important than ever to be agile in the face of change. The tools on this page can help with this and can be used in online learning environments.

Resources can be found on the DeBruce Foundation website:  https://debruce.org/