Linda Arnold

Linda Arnold

2006 Woman of the Year

Linda Arnold is no stranger to creating new paths for women. A member of the inaugural class of the Greater Missouri Leadership Challenge in 1990, Linda has supported each stage of the organization as it has grown into one of the three oldest women’s leadership programs in the United States. It is because of her persistent advocacy to ensure that women have a seat at the table that the Board of Directors selected Linda as the first Woman of the Year to be recognized by the Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation.

Linda served as Vice President for Human Resources for Salton, Inc. and Toastmaster, Inc. for over 28 years working in central Missouri on behalf of this successful and trusted kitchen appliances company. She currently serves as the Senior Vice President, Human Resources, for Landmark Bank where she has worked on behalf of their customers across Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas for the last 13 years.  A graduate from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, she is well known as a specialist in human resource management.

Linda has shown an unwavering commitment to involving more women in finding solutions to problems facing Missouri. Because of her leadership within Greater Missouri, Linda has been steadfast in building a network of Missouri women leaders in order to leverage those solutions.  It is an honor to have Linda Arnold be recognized as our first Greater Missouri Woman of the Year!

Since her recognition in 2006…

Following the acquisition of Landmark Bank in October 2019 by Simmons Bank, she is no longer affiliated with the bank as of April 2020.  In May of 2020 in the middle of a national pandemic, she began working with Spirit of ‘76 Fireworks as their HR Manager/Consultant.  This fireworks wholesaler is dedicated to the independent dealer. They have been helping customers satisfy their fireworks needs for more than 30 years. Back in 1987, John Bechtold founded Spirit of ’76 in Columbia, Missouri. Since their humble beginnings, the business has grown from seasonal retail sales to a premiere importer and distributor of consumer fireworks. Linda is providing her continued quest for excellence with this company as they to strive to provide the safest and highest quality wholesale fireworks at the most competitive prices in the industry.