Lynda Baumgartner (GMLC 2018) recently returned from Malawi, Africa. She is currently on the U.S. Board of Directors for Orant Charities Africa (OCA). OCA is located in Kasese, Malawi and it’s mission is to build stable communities by empowering women and the poor with holistic and data driven programs. OCA serves the community in a holistic approach in several areas: Healthcare, Water and Sanitation, Education, Agriculture and Business. OCA has a static clinic located in Kasese and a mobile clinic which provides healthcare 5 days a week. This past year, the clinic had 53,000 visits.

OCA currently sponsors 94 women who attend high school (high school education is not free). In addition, this past year OCA drilled 14 wells (clean water) and they have implemented a microloan program for women to create their own business!

Orant Charities Africa has been working in Malawi since 2014 and is doing some amazing things to “lift up” those who are in need. Click here to learn more or contact Lynda at who will love to share more information. Kudos to Lynda who works to serve this deserving community!