Name/Employer/Title: Darline Mabins, Arvest Bank, Regional Branch Manager 

GMLC Year and best memory: GMLC 2016   My best memory is visiting the prison. It was eye opening to me to see the way in which people live for so many years of their lives. The programs that are offered, from sewing to gardening, wood working etc.  were interesting to see. Getting to tour the facility and hear from inmates that were present is an experience that has stayed with me.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?  People development is why I love my job. As a Regional of two Retail Teams, I have the opportunity to work with great individuals who are just establishing their careers. Watching them develop into confident professionals is why I love my job. Helping them to develop, problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills, is just the beginning.  Assisting with their future careers goals is also a big part of what I do. Getting to be a part of their journey is a gift. Any supervisors hope is that they influence those on their teams to be a little better than what they were, when they started together.

A great book that you would recommend and why: My day starts and ends with people. If I am not working with a customer, then I am working or talking with a member of my team. I love information, history was my favorite subject in college…so when I get to reading, majority of it is strictly for relaxation and fun. I want to temporarily step out of my world and be transported to another one. There are great books out there that feed your mind “Smart Tribes”  by Christine Comaford, is one that comes to mind. Then there are the books that make me laugh, cry or feel like I’m inside a great movie…because the books are almost ALWAYS better than the movies!

Something you are listening to: My mornings start with listening to my little people. The morning rush and sometime chaotic act of preparing one teen, preteen and mini adult (6 year old) for school or weekend activities each day. That then transitions to listening to people and assisting with their financial goals and struggles…So I prefer not to listen to music while I drive. I seek out quite moments to reflect, recharge and refocus. Quite time and silence has never been something that I feared, but rather something that I pursue and look forward to.   

 Best voting memory: I was granted U.S. citizenship my junior year of college. I have always valued and understood the importance of voting. So my best memory is my excitement of getting to register at the DMV. My first time voting was on the campus of Missouri State University  during the Gore/Bush election.

The hardest thing you ever did and what you learned from it: Hardest thing that I ever done was deciding to go into business for ourselves (my husband and I) last year. Business ownership is not easy and continues to be something that I learn from. It has stretched me as a leader and a woman of faith. I’m thankful for the experience and look forward to the future.