Name/Employer/Title:  Julia Gaines, University of Missouri, Director, School of Music

GMLC Year and best memory:  GMLC 2018, so many great memories!  My eyes were opened by going to the jail and hearing from the prisoners.  I also learned a lot by visiting the women’s shelter in KC. I also just really enjoyed the drives to and from the locations to visit with my new friends☺

What is the most rewarding part of your job?  Seeing and hearing great performances! I love knowing that I had a small part in these performances (hiring faculty, recruiting and giving scholarships to exceptional students)

Something you are listening to (podcast/radio): You’d think I have a hundred here but I really don’t listen to music much. It’s such a part of my work life that I don’t do it much in recreation. Right now, I listen to what my kids (rather daughter) listens to. Lots of Disney power ballads right now! I also like to listen to the upcoming musicals I’ll see at the Fox (or would have seen at the Fox☹) so “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Hamilton” were making the rounds.

Best voting memory (as this is the 100th anniversary): Sorry – don’t have one. I always vote, but nothing is that memorable for me.

The hardest thing you ever did and what you learned from it. The hardest thing I ever did was “fire” someone. I had to let someone go for budget reasons. The person was an excellent worker but we just didn’t have the money for this small program anymore. I just made sure to tell the person the truth and to help them through process after that. I was as empathetic as I could be, but it was still hard.