I’ve had a GREAT life!  After graduating from Missouri State University, I worked in various forms of education for 20 years.  I was a classroom teacher, grant writer and also worked for the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (Special Education Division).  Later, my husband and I started an office equipment business and after 15 years we sold out to the Sumner Group in St. Louis.  After that I worked part time for Stephens College as the Study Abroad Coordinator.  After 8 years, I was ready for a new challenge!  Jan Grossmann, our retired GMLF Executive Director had been a friend of mine for years.  She had mentioned that she could use some help with GMLF!  I have worked part time for GMLF for 2 ½ years and I also work part time for Les Bourgeois Winery (located close to my home).  I have known the Bourgeois family for over 35 years and it is an honor to tell “their story” when I do the tours at the winery.  Working for GMLF and Bourgeois allows me the opportunity to meet some wonderful people!

There are several things that I am proud of:

*Steve (my husband) and I raised 3 great adults (all are married, have good jobs and own their own home).  They are good human beings and that is all you can ask for!

*Steve and I have been married almost 45 years.  We grew up together, but did not start dating till we were in college

*I completed 24 years in the Army Reserves

*We have had multiple exchange students in our home and due to the internet, we are able to keep up with several of them.  We usually travel to Europe every couple of years to visit one of our former “kids”.

*Over the years, I have worked with several nonprofits in Malawi, Africa to assist women (health/education/business)

Things I like to do:  Travel, Garden and Excercise

Hardest thing I ever did:

*Activation for Desert Storm was really tough for me.  My children were in elementary school.  I learned that when something “hard” happens to you, remember that the “worst thing” probably won’t happen.  The result of the “event” will probably be somewhere “in the middle of the spectrum”.  So don’t panic!  (hope this makes sense to you!)

Reading:  I am not an avid reader, but the BEST book I have read lately is “This Tender Land” by Krueger.  I guarantee you won’t be able to “put it down”.  It is historical fiction.

To contact Lynda:  Lbaumgartner@greatermo.org