For three and half decades, Lents & Associates has provided strategic communications guidance and expert media relations consulting for esteemed institutions and companies in St. Louis and across the state of Missouri and the nation. Beginning January 2022, it will continue to do so under a new name: Lents Mazur & Associates.

The renaming follows a period of growth and expansion during which the firm has nearly doubled in size and developed a presence in Kansas City, MO. The new name reflects the involvement of Mindy Mazur, who joined the firm as Managing Director in 2019.

“I founded this firm in 1987 and while our name has changed, what we do will not,” said Founder & President Peggy Lents. “We’ll continue to be a trusted, experienced partner in mining the arena of integrated communications for institutions and companies with a diversity of size and mission. Mindy Mazur is instrumental in this work, and I am delighted that her name joins mine.”

The firm is an advisor to notable clients in various industries including conservation, higher education, philanthropy, healthcare, hospitality and tourism, entrepreneurship, finance, and more. Along with public relations and media relations, Lents Mazur & Associates helps clients build organizational structure and capacity, leads issue advocacy efforts in the public affairs realm, and partners with executives to deliver their clearest vision to the world.

Lents Mazur & Associates is powered by a dynamic, talented, and diverse team that transcends several identities and demographics and is dedicated to core values of excellent service, collaboration, integrity, and helping clients make a positive impact.

Mindy has been a steadfast supporter of Greater Missouri. In addition to being in the Class of 2015, she serves on our Board of Directors. Lentz Mazur & Associates has also adopted Greater Missouri as their nonprofit partner. We appreciate the work of Mindy and her associate Selena Hunter to help us with our communications needs! Congratulations on this exciting development!