August 20, 2019

To:         Greater Missouri Leadership Challenge Alumnae

From:    Jan Grossmann


 We are seeking nominations through September 20 from GMLC Alumnae for our 2019 Women of the Year Awards, to be held in Kansas City, Missouri in May, 2019.  Do you know of an outstanding, prominent Missouri female leader who exemplifies the definition of the Greater Missouri Woman?

“A Greater Missouri Woman is recognized as accomplished in her field of endeavor. 

The maturity and professionalism realized by reaching her level of success are demonstrated by her leadership, civic contributions, and ability to inspire and support others.

 She is intellectually curious, interacts well with others, and while passionate in her beliefs, is open-minded when confronted with new points of view. She is committed to a life of learning and personal growth.”


The 2019 Women of the Year Awards will be presented at a luncheon in Kansas City during May, 2019.

We invite you to submit your confidential recommendation for this outstanding award to the Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation’s Board of Directors via jot form, as noted here.


Please address any questions to Jan Grossmann, Executive Director.


Jan R Grossmann Executive Director

Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation

Engaged Women, Leading and Serving their Communities.