While we have all been hitting the reset button several times over these past couple of years, the start of a new calendar is the most logical time to do it. Our new GMLC 2022 Vision Workbook was created with the Challenge Class of 2022 in mind. As we shared for input, all agreed it was so inspirational we should share it widely.

Everyone needs help setting priorities and making progress toward accomplishing our goals. Download the link to get started.

How to Use It…

  1. Get the workbook, enable editing, make a copy and rename it for yourself.
  2. Use it to fill in your own intentions, goals, aspirations, dreams.
  3. Delete examples that don’t align – those are meant to be inspirational as you make this your own.
  4. Revisit this workbook regularly.
  5. Save it in a place you can easily access.
  6. Share it to hold yourself accountable and be sure to mention your Greater Missouri connection.
  7. Feel free to edit and update as the year goes on.
  8. Reflect and adjust at year’s end – or whenever you need to hit the reset button again!