A textbook co-written by Dr. Sharon Deem, GMLC Alumna ’13, entitled “Introduction to One Health: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Planetary Health” was published by Wiley in January 2019.

The book can be found at their website https://www.wiley.com/enus/Introduction+to+One+Health%3A+An+Interdisciplinary+Approach+to+Planetary+Health-p-9781119382867,  and on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.

Dr. Sharon Deem is currently the Director of the Saint Louis Zoo Institute for Conservation Medicine (ICM).  The ICM mission is to take a holistic approach to research on wildlife, public health and sustainable ecosystems to ensure healthy animals and healthy people.  Sharon’s interests in wildlife veterinary medicine focus on the spread of disease between domestic animals and wildlife and the health impact of environmental changes and human contact on wildlife populations.  During her veterinary career she has been fortunate to work as a clinician, epidemiologist, and wildlife veterinarian.