The Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation had the pleasure of hosting the “Modern Mommy Doc,” Dr. Whitney Casares, for a special presentation titled “Conflicted to Centered: Finding Success in the Workplace and Home.” She shared her “My Centered Life” Workbook that walks moms from feeling conflicted to centered, and from surviving to thriving in motherhood. Dr. Casares discussed common themes she found in her 11-year journey while working as a Stanford-trained pediatrician supporting families with working parents and her experience in guiding moms who want to thrive. The working moms learned how to develop a framework for finding sustainable success in the workplace and at home and build organizational systems with efficiency and productivity without creating burnout.

Dr. Casares is offering a special gift for our members. You are eligible for a 30% discount price for her mastermind coaching program. You only need to mention that you are a part of the Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation when applying. In the meantime, check out her workbook and work to go from conflicted to centered. 

In addition, Dr. Cesares and the American Academy of Pediatrics donated 10 books to the first registrants of this special event. We are so grateful that Dr. Cesares shared her wisdom with us and that her publishing partner made this generous donation. If you are interested, you can find Dr. Cesares books at your favorite store: The Working Mom Blueprint: Winning at Parenting Without Losing Yourself and The New Baby Blueprint: Caring for You and Your Little One. If you order from Amazon be sure to use your Greater Missouri Amazon Smile account.