At the heart of the Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation beats the collective spirit of our dedicated alumnae, whose unwavering commitment fuels our mission. Through their generous contributions of time and resources, our small but dynamic nonprofit continues to thrive, driving forward our flagship initiative, the Greater Missouri Leadership Challenge.

As we embark on planning sessions for the Challenge throughout the state, it is our esteemed Regional Coordinators who lead the charge. These exceptional women guide volunteer teams in aligning with our session objectives, orchestrating session agendas, and securing vital funds to ensure the success of each gathering. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the 2024 Regional Coordinators:

  • Mid Missouri: Ann Merrifield, Class of 2018 and Avila Hendricks Nilon, Class of 2010
  • Southwest Missouri: Kristy Carter, Class of 2022; Lisa Rau, Class of 2019; and Ann McDowell, Class of 2019
  • Southeast Missouri: Mollie Landers Buckler, Class of 2020
  • Northern Missouri: Carolyn Chrisman, Class of 2015
  • Kansas City: Kate Sweeten, Class of 2022; Kim Gasper, Class of 2022; and Phyllis Hardwick, Class of 2022
  • St. Louis:  Vonda Davis, Class of 2014; Cindy Mebruer, Class of 2021;  Jennifer Bojdak, Class of 2022; and Isabel Acevedo, Class of 2023

In addition to our regional planning teams, we invite all alumnae to contribute to our statewide efforts, particularly through participation planning our Alumnae Reunion and Women of the Year fundraising luncheon. These planning meetings, that can be accessed virtually, are enriched by the diverse voices and perspectives of our statewide community, fostering a spirit of collaboration that is essential to our shared success.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to advancing the mission of the Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation. Together, we empower and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.