Join us for a free noon session on Tuesday, May 25th.

Greater Missouri women want to excel in their business endeavors and find joy in their personal lives while looking for opportunities to also lead and serve their communities. We strive to have fulfilling professional careers and to have a life outside the office that’s satisfying and meaningful. Burnout arises when we feel conflicted about where to place our attention, energy, and time as we aim to realize both goals. As we try full-force to find balance without a centered vision, our ability to fully lean in at work suffers, leading eventually to stress, fatigue, and frustration.

Though we understand that whole-person wellness matters, resulting in more focus and fruitful results at work, some struggle with attending to professional and personal priorities in a practical way we can maintain.

Dr. Whitney’s “Centered Life Model” takes professional women from conflicted to centered, helping find success in the workplace and at home. Her approach lays a framework for sustainable practices that lead to productivity and efficiency without creating burnout and stress. Dr. Whitney’s model gives women the freedom we need to make intentional decisions based on prioritization, self-attunement, consistency, and accountability that keep us purposeful and energized out of the office, with our families, and in our own personal development.

This is a free session but pre-registration is required. The first 10 registrants will receive one of Dr. Whitney’s books written in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics. All participants will receive Dr. Whitney’s 80-page Centered Life Workbook.