Inspiring Conversations Series” will feature past Greater Missouri ‘Women of the Year’ Recipients on October 8th, 15th, and 22nd.

  • Meet and learn from these distinguished change makers, thought leaders, and influencers.
  • Each conversation allows our featured speakers to share their insights on important challenges, opportunities, and issues of the day.
  • Reconnect with your class members and other Challenge Graduates and Alumnae
  • Every person in the audience will be encouraged to learn more or do something to influence and participate in solutions important to Missouri.

Confirmed participants so far include Linda Arnold, Cici Rojas, Teresa Rouse Maledy, Maxine Clark, Dr. Julie Middleton, Karen Miller, Chris Chinn, Kristy Chastain, and Dr. Tina Olson. We are honored that these remarkable leaders are willing to share their thoughts and inspiration about their leadership journeys. You can learn more about each recipient here.

Although we can’t meet in person we need to come together for connection, inspiration, and networking. Now more than ever we must recognize women leaders of the past while inspiring those of the future.

We are now soliciting sponsorships and selling tickets for this series. Our events will feature live streaming and pre-recorded interviews, repurposed archived footage, motion graphics and animation, and iPhone compilations. Our goal is to showcase these outstanding professional women in a high-quality way and our sponsors can ensure that our production goes smoothly.

Share with your friends and colleagues today! Series packages and individual tickets are available to purchase now.

If you would like to learn more about sponsorship opportunities, or volunteer, please contact Katie Steele Danner at or by calling 417-527-2888. Your support is welcomed and appreciated!