What do the six women currently serving in executive positions at the top of Shelter Insurance’s hierarchy all have in common besides working for this iconic Missouri based company? They are ALL graduates of the Greater Missouri Leadership Challenge program.

This recent article in the Inside Columbia Magazine highlights the historic role that new President Randa Rawlins (Class of 2015) has assumed. Also noted are the leadership positions of Teresa Magruder (Class of 2009), Stacye Smith (Class of 2014), Shawn Ricks (Class of 2013 and member of the Board of Directors for GMLF), Marsha Carter (Class of 2017), and Tina Workman (Class of 2008 and member of the Council of Advisors for GMLF). These women have worked their way into their current roles by being dedicated to the job at hand but by also bringing other women leaders along with them.

This month we celebrate women who are making history. Shelter Insurance Mutual Company celebrates women year round. And we celebrate Shelter for their ongoing commitment to advancing women leaders.